Return to Club Protocol


The Old Brighton Grammarians Football Club (OBGFC) is committed to practising safe, responsible conduct and adherence to strict protocols to help minimise the risk associated with COVID-19. 


Each person attending the club or oval must strictly adhere to these.

1.      Do not attend the club if you have any cold/flu symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who is sick. If you have any cold/flu symptoms and have been in contact with people from OBGFC, please notify the club.

2.      Do not share any personal items with any other person before or during my attendance at the club.

3.      At all times comply with the 1.5m social distancing requirements from all other person’s players and coaches.

4.      Do not spit or clear nasal passages whilst at the club or oval.

5.      Do not access the changerooms or pavilion unless granted person by the President, or notified by the club that the pavilion is accessible to all OBGFC supporters

6.      Demonstrate common sense and take responsibility to act in a way that is consistent with the public health benefits of the wider community, teammates and coaches.

7.      Follow the reasonable directions of the coaches and/or OBGFC Covid-19 safety officer relating to the safe and responsible behaviour.


8.      Do not participate in any conduct which is inconsistent with the above until such time that OBGFC advises of any changes to this policy which will be made on the advice and recommendation of appropriate authorities (e.g. the Federal and Victorian Government, AFL Victoria). 

AFL Community Guidelines

Please see below guidelines from the AFL on how to return to community football in a COVID-19 environment.

For up to date community information from the AFL, click here.

Return To Small Group Training Protocols

AFL Victoria have prepared a document outlining protocols for returning to small outdoor group training. These protocols came into effect on June 1, 2020.

The primary focus is preparing to return to train in a safe environment in a well-prepared and educated manner. In order for this return to small outdoor group training to be successful, and in line with Government advice, it is essential that clubs and individuals work within the timelines and protocols and do not move ahead of the level and restrictions in place.