Seniors – Round 17 Match Report


By Andrew ‘The Benchwarmer’ Mullett

OLD BRIGHTON:         8.5       11.8     18.14   18.16. 124

OLD XAVERIANS:        0.2       4.4      4.7      9.10. 64

Goals:  Pavlou 3, Otto 3, Williams 2, Zimmerman 2, Karayannis, Hill, Le Grice, King, Jakobi, Filipovic, Dick, Jarnestrom.

Best:  Hill, Pavlou, Fisher, Zimmerman, Yorgey, Gregson, Jakobi, Laumets.

Old Brighton Grammarians, hammered by Old Xaverians in Round 5 by 86 points, exacted emphatic revenge when the boys smashed the Xavs by ten goals in their Round 17 clash at South Road.  Taking advantage of Michael Karayannis’s winning of the toss, the Tonners launched a blistering first quarter with the wind at their backs, slamming on 8.5 to 0.2, in an eerie reversal of the opening to the 2007 Grand Final when Old Xaverians opened with eight goals to one on the back of the traditional EP northerly blast.

The Tonners generated plenty of chances from the centre, where Harry Hill, Nick Pavlou, Tom Fisher and Fraser Gregson continually won clearances that set up the avalanche.  Eight individual goalkickers measured the dominance that the Tonners were able to establish over the bewildered visitors, whose supporters on the hill apparently fell quickly behind the claim that the game “wasn’t a final”.  Ben Jakobi and Hamish Dick won plenty of the ball to give the Tonners a good spread of support across the ground.  Lachie Filipovic’s interception and goal in the square added a lovely touch that stamped a bad day for the visitors.

Their team’s failure to respond at the start of the second term allowed the Tonners to lock the game away.  Levi Otto’s second goal and Seb Williams’ double, sent the Tonners to a seemingly unassailable lead.  The Xavs managed to scrape a few goals together with the wind, but by then, the Tonner defence was playing confidently.  Tom Yorgey continually carved through them, Tom Larkworthy linked well with his mid-fielders, Tom Laumets held Chopper Handley in check, and after pushing forward and goaling in the first term, Elliot Le Grice fell back to add his invaluable intercept marking skills to limit the Xavs’ attacks.

Forty-six points up at the long break, the Tonners set out to demolish the Xavs when we took our second turn on the breeze.  Again, goals came from a wide source.  Nick Pavlou nailed a classic set shot from a mile out on the railway wing, then drove home a left-footer after sweeping from the centre.  Harry dobbed a bomb, Zimmer scooted from a stoppage to kick his second, Otto marked for his third, Hamish brilliantly intercepted a defensive error and dashed in for another, and Alfie Jarnestrom whipped into the square to boot the Tonners to a 91- point lead.  There was nowhere for the Xavs to hide as the Tonners played out our most impressive win for the season, a fitting celebration for Michael Karayannis’ 150th game for the Club.

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