Reserves – Round 16 Match Report


By Andrew ‘The Benchwarmer’ Mullett

TONNER RESERVES:   2.2       2.2       3.2       4.3.27

UNI BLUES:                 2.2       4.3       10.4     13.6.84

Goals:  Robertson 2, Dikranian, Macleod.

Best:  Dewar, Macleod, Speirs, M. Freeman, S. Murray, Hicks.      

I don’t know what happened to our Reserves after half-time.  Their first half was spirited and determined, and they were right in the contest.  Andy Dewar, Matt Freeman and Matt Speirs attacked the ball in defence and turned the Blues back.  Cal Macleod ran hard, Charlie Hicks won the ball, and Mackie Robertson was in everything.  They just needed a couple of forwards to present in the zone and make some connection with their opponents, but at the break, the match was poised.

When we returned, the body language was concerning.  Blokes straggled on in groups, there was no sense of collective urgency or focus.  The subsequent lack of effort was as surprising as it was unacceptable after our recent good form.

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