Under 19’s – Round 16 Match Report


By Coach Brian Randall

OLD BRIGHTON:         2.4       3.6       4.6       5.11. 41

OLD TRINITY:              0.1       1.1       5.2       6.2. 38

Goals: B. Branson 3, M. Harris, J. Segar
Best: D. Lynch, J. Segar, M. Harris, H. Butler, F. Campigli, E. Gray

Some of the worst conditions I’ve seen at Brighton Beach awaited us Saturday morning and with some injuries to talls and having a small side, it kind of suited us. We wanted to try and surge the ball forward and get it over the back where we could use our leg speed.

For the first half we were in control with a 17-point lead having 9 scoring shots to 2. Then the third quarter happened, we decided we were going to answer back to the umpire costing us 4-5 50metre penalties that cost us 2 goals, then we didn’t think we had to defend at all allowing two goals to be walked in as lose players would be everywhere in their forward 50.

Going into the last quarter down by a few points we went up another gear and thanks to a good goal from Ben Branson had the led by 10 points but didn’t take the most of our opportunities kicking 1 goal 5 in the last quarter. With 3 minutes to go we decided that a comfortable win wouldn’t be enough so after having a deliberate paid against us we thought we would give away another 50 metre penalty to gift them their 3rd goal of the day from 50s and give them a chance to win as the lead was only 3 points. Thankfully we were able to hang on against a team that has troubled us twice this season and looks like they won’t be playing finals.

Our back 6 were really good again, attacking the footy keeping it in front of them and not letting it get over the back and surging the ball forward. Lynch Micari Butler and Gray all leading the way down there. Our midfield played well in patches with Noske rucking the whole game with Hughes out, Branson good again kicking a couple of goals. Fisher and Segar also showed some polish in the wet.

We have 2 weeks left against Collegians and Haileybury.

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