Women’s – Round 14 Match Report


By Alex Karanicolas

OLD BRIGHTON:         1.4       1.5       1.5       –

IVANHOE AFC:            0.1       1.3       1.4       –

Goals: S. Visentini
Best: S. Visentini, K. Grant, I. Eddey, S. Grant , M. Ogilvie, L. Ellis

For the third time this year, the lights have gone out on our girls. This time there is no doubting who is to blame. Frustrated coach Peter Grant has it in writing that the Bayside Council run lighting timers had been corrected and he was assured the lights would stay on until 7.30pm on Saturday. However, the lights yet again went off at 6pm, midway through the 3rd term.

Our girls were 1-point ahead at the time and so the result stands in our favour, luckily. They now have a semi-final against an undefeated Old Scotch to prepare for.

See the articles below for Peter’s thoughts on the issue.

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