Reserves – Round 12 Match Report


By Andrew ‘The Benchwarmer’ Mullett

TONNER RESERVES:   1.0       2.1       2.1       5.4. 34

OLD MELBURNIANS:  4.7       8.9       12.13   12.13. 85

Goals:  Robertson, N. Freeman, Otto, S. Larkworthy, Gunning.

Best:  Robertson, Otto, Cowling, E. Harris, Collins, M. Freeman.

The Reserves’ recent form has been encouraging but they fell short against Old Melburnians, whose depth and skill have them on top of the table.  Though our blokes worked hard to keep the Blues’ scoring under reasonable check when they had the breeze, our second quarter was poor and allowed the home side to wrap it up by half-time when they kicked four goals to one into the wind.

To the Tonners’ credit, they contested hard all day and won the final term convincingly to take some momentum into next week.  Mackie Robertson has battled severe injuries for a couple of years and he must have been delighted to show he can play.  His pace and work rate topped off a classy display and delighted his father, only too keen to pronounce, “My boy is back!”

Similarly, when he wasn’t sourcing pickle juice, mixing Gatorade and attending to a thousand other tasks, Rocket would have been proud to take an occasional glance at the dashing efforts of the thousand-dollar Kelpie, who played a fine game.  Other solid games from Levi Otto, Elliot Harris and Niall Collins, called on to ruck for long periods, made sure the blokes stayed strong and competitive.

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