Reserves – Round 11 Match Report


By Andrew ‘The Benchwarmer’ Mullett

RESERVES:      3.3       3.5       5.7       8.13.61

DE LA:             1.1       3.5       3.5       4.5.29

Goals:  M. Dewar 2, Olivier 2, Collins, Dikranian, Cowling, Gunning.

Best:  Olivier, M. Dewar, Cowling, Gunning, Ho, Robertson, Harris, S. Murray. 

No doubt still seething after throwing away a win at the Trott last week, the Reserves played brilliantly against a side that usually has their measure, racing away this time in an impressive final term against the wind, to defeat De La Salle by 32 points in Round 11.

Mitchell Hughes, Dominic Lynch and Ben Pryor came into the side when the Under 19s received a forfeit from The Crumbles, and the boys contributed well, clearly bringing the enthusiasm of youngsters used to winning and all keen to make an impression.  The forfeit also released The Barrel to oversee proceedings, a critical advantage for the home side.

Veterans Michael Dewar and Tom Gunning set the tone with their aggressive tackling and persistent hard work.  Dewar scored the first two goals of the match in his 197th game before the virus takes him to Germany on family business for a time.  Tommy’s lovely goal to complete the match, came after a superb piece of ruck work by Petrus J’Andre Olivier, who dominated the aerial duels, particularly at stoppages and boundary contests.

Kelpie Cowling dashed everywhere and snapped the sealer, Niall Collins, Marty Ho, Sam Murray and Mackie Robertson were busy all day around the contests, and at the back, Matt Speirs and the brothers Freeman kept tabs on the opposing forwards.  After an even first half, the boys moved to a 14-point lead at the last break, the jury still out on whether that would be enough with De La coming home on the breeze.

The lads’ final term was exceptional.  They tore in fiercely and kicked it to each other, a welcome change from recent profligacy, and they chose the worst of conditions in which to play their best footy of the year.  Goals to Cowling, Olivier and Gunning were all beautifully taken, and everyone simply got to the ball first and didn’t give the visitors a sniff!

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