Under 19’s – Round 12 Match Report


By Coach Brian Randall

MAZENOD:                 0.1       3.2       5.4       6.6. 42

OLD BRIGHTON:         2.2       4.3       8.4       11.7. 73

Goals: J. Duscher 4, J. Turner 2, B. Pryor 2, J. Munnings 2, B. Fisher
Best: J. Munnings, H. Dick, F. Campigli, J. Duscher, D. Lynch, J. Turner

After two weeks off and with a few boys away, we made eight changes this week. This included five BGS boys making their debut for the club – of which, four are in Year 11 and one in Year 12. Overall that gave us a total of six current schoolboys playing.

The weather was terrible, but given we train and play at Brighton Beach Oval, we are used to these sorts of conditions. Their ground at Mazenod was holding up quite well and we started with sunshine and an open game of football with both teams’ skills and ball movement looking good. We had control for most of the first quarter but failed to capitalize as the clouds started to close over and the wind started to pick up.

When Jack Munnings, who has been telling me for the past three weeks (we haven’t played due to the bye and forfeit) that he is a ‘big game player’, laid a chase down tackle, it really set the tone for the day. Darby and Hamish were huge for us through the middle with Finn getting a fair bit of it too as we kept moving the ball nicely even in the wet/windy conditions.  Again, due to a few simple mistakes, not communicating and helping each other out, we cost ourselves goals. Then a fumble shortly after cost us another one and then they were up by a goal.

With a few minutes to go in the second, Josh Douscher kicked two goals and we went into the main break 6 points up. We came out after half time just in time for the hail, thunder and lightning and looked like a team possessed as we hunted Mazenod and moved the ball smarter and better than our opposition.

Some awesome goals by Munnings and Pryor, who kicked two in quick time, and then Jake started to get in on the action too as we stamped our authority on the game and quickly put them out of it as the conditions worsened. It was one of the best displays that we have put up all year.  Everyone did what they needed to do and played their role well. The six schoolboys all did things in tough conditions and showed that the future looks strong coming out of the school. Segar was tough and clean, Fisher locked down on their best forward and stopped him after half time, James put lots of pressure on and kicked the ball well, Tweeds did not get beaten all day, Darby showed why he is playing at Sandy as a bottom-age player and Douscher kicked four. Of the 19 boys, it was the regulars who did it again; Finn, Jake, Nug, Mailing, Micari, Gray etc. As expected, our defence was miserly again and Munnings played his best game of the season. We say goodbye to the schoolboys for now as they head back to school games. We still have a few away as we take on Uni Blues away next week in what will be another tough game.

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