Under 19’s – Round 10 Match Report


By Coach Brian Randall

BEAUMARIS:               2.1       2.3       3.4       5.6. 36

OLD BRIGHTON:         3.5       10.7     17.10   18.11. 119

Goals: J. Turner 5, D. Lynch 4, B. Pryor 2, W. Middlemiss 2, F. Campigli 2, M. Noske, B. Hickey, M. Harris
Best: J. Turner , L. Paton, F. Campigli, D. Lynch, W. Middlemiss, M. Harris

A 2pm game at Banksia reserve wasn’t ideal for the boys who support the Dees, luckily, we finished early enough to see the last 10 minutes as they got a rare win. With the middle of the ground a mud pit that was like a swamp, that looked very similar to BBO. We have had slow starts to games all year, whether it’s due to our preparation before the game or out attitude towards the teams we are playing, so today we targeted a strong start and a full 4 quarter effort.

We started okay but our second and third quarters where outstanding. We dropped away in the last when the game was dead and we moved a few players around, which was disappointing because when we start getting into bad habits and be selfish it reflects on the team and it’s not a good look.

Finn, Trent and Lachie (who played his best game for the club) all enjoyed the open spaces of Banksia getting it plenty and running into space using the ball well. Will Middlemiss went forward and kicked 2 goals in a different role, Brad Hickey also played his best game for the 19s and seems to be finding his feet well.

Snake keeps kicking bags but tells me he is a small forward who can play midfield. While Munnings is our goal assist leader with his best mate Benny Pryor. Dom also playing midfield at every opportunity got forward to cherry pick 4 goals.

We start losing players to mid-season holidays this week before the bye round, but the good thing is we start getting the schoolboys into the 19s and the club. Joey Lynch played his first game for the club yesterday and there will be some more debutantes over the next few weeks.

Let’s get behind them and make sure we keep racking up the wins. Big week next week at BBO so let’s stick together as we cheer on 4 wins.

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