Under 23’s – Round 8 Match Report


By Coach Jarrod Sargent

OLD BRIGHTON:         1.2       2.2       2.2       2.4. 16

OLD XAVERIANS:        3.1       9.5       15.9     19.12. 126

Goals:  C.Macleod, S.Timms

Best:  N. Rathmayr, R. Riddell, S. Timms, P. Funston, T. Bennett, N. Collin

We were always going to be up against it versing Xavier at the beach. Hoping for a bit of rain and hail on the day to take Xavier talls out of the game we received absolutely none for the whole game which didn’t help us.

All the boys arriving on time and ready to go the feeling in the rooms at the start of the game was unreal, everyone was ready to go to war against a team filled with potential one’s players in the years to come.

Trying some new tactics in the middle and along the wings we started off like a house on fire, controlling the ball around the contests and in our forward half of the ground. A bit different to last time we played them when we were 40 points down at quarter time, we went into the first change two goals down and playing some unreal football. Our goals for the game were to create contest after contest and the boys did just that!

Xavs got a bit of a jump on us in the second quarter and pulled away on the scoreboard, however that didn’t faze us as we were playing how we wanted to. With the backs under the pump all day the boys rallied hard and put up a good fight down there.

The second half of footy was played on our terms for most of the last two quarters, the start of the third quarter we had the ball in our 50m for 15 minutes, just unable to punish the scoreboard we let Xavier run away late in the quarter again.

The scoreboard did not reflect the way the game was played at all, we had more tackles and won more contested ball for the day. It goes to show what respect we have in our league when the coach and captain of Xavier both saying that “wow you guys have improved so much, how have you been losing? By far the hardest/toughest team we have versed all year”

With numbers coming back from injury, and more under 23 players coming back to play, things are looking up, we just lack height which hopefully will change soon with players wanting to come back for a run around.

With not our strongest line up to only go down by that margin to Xavier was an amazing effort, we know it doesn’t look good but not many teams have gone that close to Xavier this year. Bring on Scotch.

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