Under 19’s – Round 8 Match Report


By Coach Brian Randall

OLD HAILEYBURY:      1.4       2.9       4.9       6.10. 46

OLD BRIGHTON:         4.6       6.9       9.15     16.15. 111

Goals:  J. Munnings 4, M. Harris 3, M. Hughes, T. Mailing, J. Turner , E. Gray, B. Pryor, J. Collins, D. Lynch, L. Paton, F. Campigli
Best: M. Hughes, T. Mailing, F. Campigli, J. Turner , J. Munnings, B. Glennon

After knocking off Mazenod we went to take on Old Haileybury at princess park in Caulfield, however Jiffa thought we were playing at the other princess park in Parkville. Luckily, he realised half way and was able to quickly turn around. We lost Branson to the 1sts which was a good result after playing well and putting in the hard work. Finn and Dom who have also done a full preseason and playing good footy hopefully aren’t too far away too. Finn and Hamish hopefully will be selected in the Vic u19 team too this week, really hope we have 2 players to represent us.

Anyway, onto the game, we started a bit slow in conditions that weren’t ideal but given the week of weather we had been through and trained in we should’ve been used to it. We lost Ben Pryor early to injury leaving us with 21 on the bench and some others needed to stand up. Trent Mailing and Beau Glennon continually improve week on week, using their pace and balance around the contest. Hughesy played a dominant game in the ruck giving us first use, Finn was his typical self, getting the ball in space and bounding away before always making the right decision. Jake made the most of his time forward this week working his way up the ground along with Munnings and Jiffa who both kicked 4 and 3 goals respectively. Munnings work-rate improved and it shows what he is capable, he even had a run on the ball with Jiffa, Shroom and Noske all in a centre bounce probably a highlight of the year.

We won by 10 goals and did what was needed, we enjoyed our night back at the club too which was good to get all the boys together with some of the senior boys too.

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