Reserves – Round 8 Match Report


By Andrew ‘The Benchwarmer’ Mullett

SNOW DOGS:             2.2       4.3       5.5       8.12.60

TONNERS:                   0.4       2.8       3.11     4.12.36

Goals:  Tait, M. Dewar, Ho, Cowling.

Best:  N. Murray, Hicks, Vulcan, Tait, M. Dewar, M. Freeman.

The Reserves, again surrendering any chance of victory with their abysmal kicking both into their forward line and at the erections, stayed competitive for much of the match with opponents who weren’t much better.

The highlight of the match was arguably the absurdly undignified performance by Goal Umpire Robinson, filling in for Ian Mullett, who has departed for a month with a nasty airport virus. 

The big fellow will be appalled to learn that his replacement fell flat on his face at one point, and farcically signalled Marty Ho’s goal, while prostrate in the mud!  Robbo then arose, reaffirmed his decision, and marked his card theatrically, finishing at least, with more authority than most of our players.

The boys need kicking lessons to adequately convert the chances they create through honest endeavour: the man with the flags needs to remember he is no longer required at the base of the packs.

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