Reserves – Round 6 Match Report


By Andrew ‘The Benchwarmer’ Mullett

TONNERS:       2.6       6.14     6.15     9.20. 74

TRINITY:          1.1       1.2       4.5       5. 7. 37

Goals:  Hynes 3, Ho 3, S. Murray 2, Fisher.

Best:  Hynes, Ho, M. Freeman, N. Freeman, Fisher, Hicks.

The Reserves won their second match, always looking to have a significant edge over Old Trinity.  It wasn’t always an enjoyable watch.  Marty Ho, never far from the action, and Tom Fisher, who also played well, both goaled in the first term before an astonishingly inept run of behinds eventually took the boys’ score to 2.14.26!  We dominated possession, insisted on handballing four or five times, taking it nowhere, while Trinity did nothing.

In the second term, haphazard ball movement built the behinds tally as off-field frustration grew and I waited for Trinity to do something.  They weren’t up to it and Harry Hynes finally took it upon himself to show some common sense, grab the ball and drive it through the goals three times.  This, after all, is the point of the exercise, so at the break, we led by 42 points and I awaited an annihilation when play resumed.

What followed seemed inexplicable, when you consider that the ball was in our possession for 80% of the quarter.  The boys then seemed bent on playing sideways and backwards as they built their possession counts.  Were they under the delusion that the goals had been switched to a north-south configuration?  Was there advantage to be gained from repeatedly kicking backwards and across to the pedestrian crossing?  Was that Michael Dewar reclining in an arm-chair at CHF, awaiting someone, anyone, having the smarts to go toward goal and kick it to him??  We kicked a single behind for the quarter!  Trinity, who looked equally bemused, won the ball a few times late in the quarter and kicked three quick goals.  They trailed by only 22 points and had hardly had a kick!

This was partially sorted out at the final break and Sam Murray and Marty Ho added three goals in the final term, to end a tactically mystifying performance.

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