Under 19’s – Round 5 Match Report


By Coach Brian Randall

OLD BRIGHTON:         2.4       5.4       9.6       11.9. 75

OLD TRINITY:              0.2     5.6     11.6   12.10. 82

Goals: J. Turner 2, B. Branson 2, A. Oulton, M. Harris, J. Collins, H. Osborne, L. Paton, T. Mailing, F. Campigli
Best: A. Oulton, B. Glennon, M. Harris, J. Turner , E. Gray, D. Lynch

Heading out to trinity to play on a ground where we couldn’t gain access to rooms and had very little to time to warm up. Then the umpires started the game 15 minutes late, this disruption lead into the first quarter where they were all over us but couldn’t capitalise on it. At the other end we did and started to get the game on our terms.

We started the second quarter well before they kicked 5 goals straight to finish the half and they were up and about getting very lippy. Our lack of defending and two-way running was hurting us as they again and again kept finding players free as they went inside their forward half. Then our desire to change the game meant we lost structure and set up forward of the ball as we all tried to win the footy at stoppages and getting sucked in.

We continued to miss tackles and turn the ball over in the third quarter, they kicked away but we managed to get a few back before 3qtr time.

The last quarter we changed it up a bit and implored the players to get back into the game, they kicked the first and to the boys’ credit they dug in and fought back. We could’ve given up, but we stuck at it and dug in but just fell short. We were 20-30% off and they were playing above the level they have so far this year. They were the better team and won but something we will learn from and it’s still early in the year and still plenty of good footy to come from the boys.

Looking forward to turning it around this week at home against Fitzroy.

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  1. it wasnt a great performance for the under 19s but not as bad as that score suggests; actual score Trinity 12.10.82 def OB 11.9.75

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