Under 23’s – Round 4 Match Report


By Coach Jarrod Sargent

OLD XAVERIANS:        5.7       14.9     20.11   24.14. 158

OLD BRIGHTON:         1.0       2.2       2.4       4.4. 28

Goals:  J. Dikranian 2, J. North, N. Bellmaine
Best: J. Dikranian, J. Sargent, J. McLean, S. Larkworthy, J. North, M. Speirs

Xavier at Xavier is always a hard task, and the boys felt every pinch of it on Saturday. Making 10 changes on the Friday morning didn’t help either. Versing a proper ‘development’ squad the Xav boys were all the more superior over our undermanned Brighton team, towering over are team, faster than our team and fitter than all the boys on the park we had nothing to match Xavier with.

Brighton’s talls had a difficult task all day and both Tzimas and Bellmaine put up a gallant contest against the opponent’s talls all day. Fielding another 3 blokes who have never played for the club it was all about having fun and making a contest for the Tonners. Smith, Speirs and Larkworthy down back were brilliant all day with consistent entries from Xavier. North in the middle aided by the aggressive Timms were also great together putting a few hard knocks on earlier on in the game.

The scoreboard does not reflect how the game was played and the ball was contested all day. Every Xavier player who I spoke to on and off the field all mentioned how aggressive at the ball we were and that “we have been the hardest team they have faced all year”. Speaking to the Xavs coach after the game (Healy’s uncle) who also recognised the constant efforts made by everyone and for us as a team to hold our heads high from the effort which we made on the weekend. It showed in the second half that we can match it with the better teams with a bit of aggression whilst attacking the footy/contest and that we are also starting to run out a full game of footy kicking two late goals in the last quarter.

I could not have been prouder of all players who fielded Stradbroke oval on the weekend, it was always going to be a massive task against a team who should not be in our division. Hold your heads high and let’s look forward to next week’s game against St. Kevin’s

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