Reserves – Round 4 Match Report


By Andrew ‘The Benchwarmer’ Mullett

OLD BRIGHTON:         2.1       3.5       6.8       10.12. 72

COLLEGIANS:              1.4       2.5       4.5       4.5. 29

Goals:  Hitchcock 3, Lowan, Dewar, Vulcan, Cowling, Gunning, Olivier, Hynes.

Best:  Dewar, Burt, Olivier, Hynes, M. Freeman, Lohan.

Luke Healy is breathing more easily after his charges delivered his first victory as their coach, thumping the Lions by 43 points in Round 4.  The boys had been contesting hard, falling just a little short in the first three games, but yesterday they maintained pressure on the Lions all day, held a narrow margin in the first half, then bolted away, kicking seven of the nine goals scored in the second half.

The boys contested vigorously, youngsters Max Burt and Harry Hynes prominent and influential in driving the ball to J’Andre Olivier and Ben Hitchcock, both of whom had the edge over their opponents.  Andy Dewar made a rare appearance in the early game and held the defence together, also roaming forward at times to provide scoring options.  Matt Freeman distributed the ball precisely to initiate attacks from defence in a first half that was tough and close.  The Tonners’ tackling was a feature, with every player determined to close down the gradually floundering Lions.

Tom Gunning’s fine goal across the breeze was the highlight of a third term in which the Tonners set up their victory.  They stormed home in the final term, when the usually prominent Jack Cowling and Marty Ho, neither of whom had been influential, joined the party and fired home their team-mates to an emphatic victory, paving the way for the Seniors to enter the fray with the Club’s momentum well and truly stoked.

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