Under 23’s – Round 3 Match Report


By Coach Jarrod Sargent

OLD BRIGHTON:         11.6. 72

OLD SCOTCH:             11.6. 72

Goals:  J. North 3, A. Tzimas, G. McPherson, J. Stewart, B. Hickey, T. Burns, J. McLean, M. Slater, H. Christensen
Best Players: J. Stewart, P. Funston, H. Hynes, B. Cochran, J. North, N. Bellmaine

What started out as a good Saturday with the boys all arriving on time for the first time this year we were pencilling in our potential first win for the season against Old Scotch. With some new faces in the rooms before the game the feeling was good and the fellas were ready to take battle. Old Boy James ‘Street Sweeper’ North was back in the red and blue for the first time in 4 years. Growing leaves in his head didn’t affect James in anyway, back to his old skilful self he put on the first 2 goals of the game in a quick manner. The first quarter was easily won by the tonners and the boys were running all over Scotch with the help of Harry Hynes out of the centre. The Scotchies had the best of the second quarter until the tonners dug deep to kick the last 2 goals of the quarter keeping us a few goals clear at half time. With a few falcons happening throughout the day the best one goes to Alex Karanicolas who was ruled out for the rest of the game after copping a cold sherrin to the face causing for the concussion rule to be bought in to place. Third quarter was much the same with the tonners busting packs and using hands out wide we managed to kick another few goals with potential goal of the year going to Max Slater. However, this time Scotch managed to kick late goals in the quarter which slowed the boys down a bit. With a potential win looking more and more likely the boys were up and about for the first 5 minutes of the last quarter until yet again we start losing boys to injuries and cramp. Now down to 1 available on the bench we were running out of the legs quickly. Up by 25 points with 10 minutes to go we managed to just hold onto a draw with Scotch kicking away with it in the end, as coach I take responsibility for not noticing how Scotch were lining up etc in the last quarter which in turn could have helped hold them off if I had noticed earlier. The boys should again be very happy with the efforts on the weekend, the improvement we are showing week to week is huge and it won’t be long till we sing the song.

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