Reserves – Round 3 Match Report


OLD BRIGHTON:  2.0  3.1       3.1       4.1.25

ST KEVIN’S:  3.5          7.10     11.14   14.16.100

Goals:  Hitchcock 2, Otto, Olivier.

Best:  Hicks, Otto, Lowan M. Freeman, S. Larkworthy, Ho.

The scoreboard records the superiority in skill and ability that St. Kevins’ Reserves held over our boys, but it does not bear witness to the determined way the Tonners contested every issue all day.  We were never embarrassed in the way that often happened last year, as our blokes took on their stronger and more efficient opponents with a willingness that reflected well on all of them.

The first quarter suggested a closer contest as both Levi Otto and Jandre Olivier scored excellent goals, but the sheer running power and forward options open to the home side, began to take over in the second quarter.  Charlie Hicks, Levi Otto and Max Lohan worked hard all day and Ben Hitchcock converted a couple of chances with excellent long set shots.

Although we were unable to create enough scoring opportunities, St. Kevins could quite easily have built a mammoth score, had not our blokes maintained their pressure and commitment.  I thought our last quarter in particular, suggested that Luke Healy’s boys can turn their season around very soon.

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