Under 19’s – Round 2 Match Report


By Coach Brian Randall          

OLD MELBURNIANS:  0.5       5.9       6.10.    8.17. 65

OLD BRIGHTON:         6.1       8.2       15.4     18.5. 113

Goals: H. Dick 7, M. Harris 3, L. Paton 2, A. Oulton 2, B. Pryor, F. Campigli, B. Glennon, F. Wood
Best Players: H. Dick, M. Hughes, D. Lynch, J. Munnings, B. Pryor, W. Agius

A few changes this week with the Winx flu and Dec Adams/Tom Kenny actually quite ill, meant we had 22 on the weekend with 5 debutants. The first quarter was mainly played in their half but our defence stood tall and the move to Dom Lynch back proved a masterstroke with him and Nug winning the footy at ground level and helping us move the ball well out of defence and scoring over the back to get the first few goals. Munnings and Pryor were having a big influence in our forward line for the first half and held us in good stead. The second quarter OM had the wind and took full advantage of it after we kicked the first couple and got a bit selfish, and thought the game was done. At half time the midfield was challenged to lift and Hamish Dick asked for be put into the midfield off the wing. Hammer then won the next few clearances as Adam Oulton kicked two in a row. Hammer then put himself forward for a rest and bullied his opponents kicking 5 in about 10 minutes. We had two really young umpires and the boys kept being friendly with their odd calls and while the opposition yelled bitched and complained we then started getting a few cheap ones which is always good. In the last we kicked the first couple and the game was done, we through a few other players around to different positions and Jiffa Harris who kicked 3 and took a massive hanger in the first quarter decided to push himself behind the footy to rack up a few more supercoach points. A real solid team performance, from the whole 22. We are starting to figure out everyone’s best positions and as we play more together the chemistry will be better with the ball movement too. We get a few back next round including Jake the Snake so onwards and upwards. We take on a real strong team next round that will be a big challenge.

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