Seniors – Round 2 Match Report


By Andrew “The Benchwarmer” Mullett

OLD BRIGHTON:         3.4       6.6       10.7     13.9. 87

DE LA SALLE:              4.3       8.7       12.9     14.13. 97

Goals:  Lewis 3, Gregson 2, Pavlou 2, Fisher 2, Jakobi, Bolger, Williams, Slater

Best:  Verney, Pavlou, Gregson, Yorgey

Old Brighton Grammarians played well below our expectations at De La Salle in the second round of the season, and we were defeated by ten points.

From the opening moments when the home side was first for the ball, it was clear that our blokes had not prepared themselves to play with the necessary determination.  De La kicked the first two goals, we missed easy shots in reply, and never looked the winners.  The young De La Salle players tore in all day and we failed to respond.

Dylan Verney was gallant at full-back and was one Tonner who did not compromise his usual efforts.  Nick Pavlou had plenty of possessions but even he missed shots at goal that are his bread and butter.  Fraser Gregson was honest and played aggressively, and for that reason alone, stood out among many team-mates who were rarely sighted.

It was made clear to the players after the game that their preparation and performance was simply below acceptable standards and they must work harder.  This young side has rightly been lauded regularly for their effort and attack on the ball.  Strangely, this was missing yesterday, with resultant consequences.  Our poor skill level and decision-making eradicated any chance of coming from behind to snatch a victory we didn’t deserve.

Fortunately, one week’s performance should have nothing to do with what follows.  Some complacent Tonners were forced to swallow this salutary lesson at East Malvern yesterday.

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