Under 23’s – Round 1 Match Report


By Coach Jarrod Sargent

Whitefriars:    2.4.      4.7       9.9       10.16. 76

Old Brighton: 3.3       3.4       7.6       9.6. 60

Goals: T. Mailing 3, C. Macleod 2, A. Karanicolas, H. Christensen, N. Rathmayr, M. Slater

Best: T. Currie, A. McPherson, G. McPherson, T. Burns, S. Larkworthy, T. Mailing

The first game of the year for the Under 23 team was nothing short of impressive. The boys had a real crack early on in the game, but fitness got the better of them as we started with six on the bench and ended with none. Unfortunately, with Anthony Evans going down early on in the 3rd quarter, we lost a lot of his run and carry which allowed Whitefriars onballers to get on top of ours.

Having two blokes who have never played football before, and a team who have never met or played together before, to go down by 15 points was an outstanding effort. The boys down back battled all day with the likes of Pym not moving from the back 50 and Sam Larkworthy’s carry out of defensive was great, the McPherson twins slogged it out all day across the back flanks as well. Trent Mailing was outstanding playing mostly ruck with Nick Adams working well under his feet, providing that bigger body in the guts.

Big game on the hallowed turf of South road this week. Now that we have officially all met its going to get a lot easier. Some big inclusions this week on the park with the likes of Northy and Jesse Mclean slotting in.

Good luck Saturday.

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