Finals 1 Seniors Match Report

OLD BRIGHTON:   7.15.57

OLD TRINITY:      13.19.97


Old Brighton Grammarians’ excellent season finished in disappointing fashion when we were completely outplayed for the second time in a month by a switched on Old Trinity, whose outstanding ball use was the crucial factor in their early dominance and ultimate victory.

The Tonners were unaccountably flat and Trinity’s early burst of four goals, all superb kicks from beyond fifty metres, cast a pall over any hopes we had of grabbing an early advantage.  Though we had many players coming into the side that was badly beaten at South Road, none of them made an impression.  Even by quarter-time, players looked tired, and perhaps the enormous effort so many youngsters had put into their season, told today when finals pressure was applied.

Exhorted at half-time to play on at all costs, our boys played with visibly more energy when play resumed, but early chances were squandered to further underline the opposition’s superior foot skills.  Michael Karayannis fought determinedly to scrap a goal in close, Anthony Zimmerman snapped a beauty and Ben Jakobi closed the third term with a goal that left us with some hope on the three-quarter time siren, but we couldn’t stop them scoring at the other end.  Trinity forwards always found space, and we were fortunate that they too, wasted the ball in front of goal.

The final term was painful for Tonner supporters.  Ben Jakobi ran in and missed.  Trinity then scored easy goals with unmarked forwards scoring from the goal square as St.Kevins had been able to do a fortnight ago.  Even when Harry took a brave mark within range, we stupidly turned it over when again, false bravado triumphed over basic common sense.  It was a miserable end to what has been a courageous season.  As long as we learn that higher achievements only result from full commitment, not punctuated by overseas indulgence.  But I am conscious of sounding like a broken record.  So well played boys.  A semi-final berth was better than six other clubs managed.

Goals: Lewis, Hayes, Karayannis, Zimmerman, Jakobi, Fisher, Otto

Best: Verney, Jakobi, Yorgey, Garner, Karayannis, Fisher