Round 18 Reserves Match Report

OLD XAVERIANS:     11.7.73

OLD BRIGHTON:    10.13.73


Ross Stewart has had a tough year in his eighth and final year as coach of our Reserves.  Players have not committed to him, too many of them opting to take extended breaks overseas, several times leaving him embarrassingly short of a competitive side, and forcing him to finish his coaching stint with a wooden spoon.  It must have grated a little again yesterday, to see what might have been.  Finally, after being able to pick a side of genuine quality in recent weeks, he has seen his side run Collegians to a couple of goals, knock off St. Kevins last week, and yesterday lead the top side and probable premiers all day, only to see them even the score with the last kick of the match.

The Roscoes were terrific yesterday and led Old Xavs to the ball from the outset.  Jack Toouli twice goaled early and Louis Butler’s splendid snap gave us a 15 point lead after the home side failed to goal in the first term.  Impressive defence from Matt Freeman and Michael Riordan and a dominant display in the middle by Matt Hooy, gave the Roscoes confidence to attack the top side, who looked stunned to find opposition they hadn’t anticipated.  J’Andre Olivier leapt all over them in the ruck, his left hand jagging the ball out of every stoppage in a best on ground performance.

The Xavs answered the challenge in the second term and began to build their score but the Roscoes always answered them.  George Yeoman soccered one through after Joey Dikranian had snapped a beauty to keep our noses in front at half-time, and when the Xavs gained some momentum in the third term, Yeoman’s turn and snap and Tom Fisher’s goal in front, kept the Roscoes nine points in front as heads turned for home.  Had we not squandered several chances from close in, the game would have been sealed.  Olivier goaled brilliantly on his left foot, but Tom Fisher, from 25, kicked like a man recovering from a virus and a long flight!  Ho, Lowan and Macleod, who had set him up, probably gave him a blast for them!  Toouli, who had earlier also missed from the same spot, found Marty Ho for what looked like the sealer.

However, Xavs charged at everything and defensive errors gave them a sniff.  They kicked a couple of late ones, and with twenty seconds to go, they were able to mark and send the last kick of the day through to equal the score.  Measure that, against a 30 – goal loss to Old Scotch some weeks ago!  Ross Stewart deserved just a little more luck.

Goals: Toouli 2, Yeoman 2, Olivier, Dikranian, Butler, Tom Fisher, Tommy Fisher, Ho

Best: Olivier, M. Hooy, M. Freeman, Macleod, Riordan, Ho, Butler, Tommy Fisher