Round 16 U19s Match Report

OLD BRIGHTON:   10.15-75

OLD TRINITY:             3.5-23

Going into Saturday’s game, the boys knew it was going to be a tough task, a win would secure us a top 2 finish but Trinity certainly weren’t a side to be trifled with. Not known for trifling, the Under 19s approached the warm up with high levels of concentration and professionalism.

The boys were aided with the return of Nick Freeman whose bad boy hair cut was sure to intimidate the opposition and brother Matt freeman who decided a break from the 1s was needed. Early signs were good for the Tonners, with Mitch Hughes proving to be a consistent performer and performing at his customary 25% efficiency by foot in the warm up.

The game got off to a solid start with the boys being tasked to defend against what seemed to be a tornado. As reliable as ever the backs stood up but only until Harry Osborne gave away a 25m penalty for backchat (I know.. Harry Osborne having something to say… I was just as shocked as you are). The 1st Quarter ended and Trinity were up by 2 goals to Brighton’s 3 points.

The scrappy affair continued much for the second term and the boys struggled to find their kicking boots resulting in the Tonners kicking 2.4 for the Quarter. However in every dark moment there is always a sign of light and this was Matt Freeman. Radiating moon tan and fire red from the goal score, Freeman commanded the forward line for the Quarter and definitely showed his fellow red headed opponent who the big dog was. Despite the positive signs, there were more questions than answer being asked of the boys heading into the half time break. Would poor goal kicking cost them again? Was George Kats’ mind already at Molly Nightclub? Only time would tell…

Inspired by a spray from the ever intimidating Brian “Barrel” Randall, the Tonners took the field with what can be described as only a new lease on life. Against floods of Trinity attacks, Matt Speirs stood up and was intercepting opposition threats more effectively than the TSA. Bryson Konoroth put to bed the rumours that he was a Liam Farrell copycat, winning more hard ball than “Faz” has for 3 years. In terms of attack, the Freemans continued to provide a target but it was Tom Wallace who stole the show with a great running goal. In celebration he wheeled off to the left, pointed at his opponent and repeated the words Kats yelled out the umpire after a dodgy decision.

This good form continued into the final term and the Tonners kicked away from Trinity ending the match as 52 point winners. Some highlights of the final term included Harry Hynes disposal 352 of the game and Charlie Kenny disposal 3 for the season, which happened to be a goal. Heading into the final game of the home and away season the boys have a chance to finish on top of the ladder, secure a home semi-final and aid Brian Randall in his quest towards hair growth. Can the boys do it? Only time will tell but in the mean time, Go Tonners!

Goals: T. Wallace 2, M. Freeman 2, M. Hurd, G. Katsaras, J. Collins, C. Hicks, C. Kenny, N. Freeman

Best: H. Hynes, M. Burt, M. Speirs, B. Konoroth, T. Wallace, C. Hicks