Round 15 U19s Match Report

OLD BRIGHTON:          11.8-74

MARCELLIN OC:           4.5-29

On the rare occasion of almost no wind at south road oval and perfect sunny conditions for footy the boys needed to step-up and deliver a quality old Brighton performance if we were to get the victory. The first quarter seemed to have not mirrored our poor mental and physical preparation prior to the game as the boys were switched on and applied large amounts of pressure all over the ground. Charlie hicks applying his usual savage tackling techniques to get amongst several contests was a great demonstration for the boys to lift for each other. However, marcellin seemed to have crept in front by a couple of goals simply due to poor communication and reactiveness towards the footy. If it wasn’t for joe (McGovern) Micari winning or at least making it a 50/50 contest in the backline against his opponent there would have been a lot more damage by marcellin on the scoreboard.

In the second quarter the boys from the middle with Harry Hynes, Tom Burns and max Burt maintained to set high tackling pressure which set the standard for the team to continue to sustain. Ultimately, this started to make  marcellin second guess themselves and drop in their skill execution which lost their momentum, opening up the games for our runners and excellent skill users with the likes of Finn campigli and tom Wallace creating multiple opportunities for the forwards to lead up to the ball and make blokes like Jackson Collins and Liam Farrell get involved in the game and applying pressure to the scoreboard to see the boys leading heading into half time.

In the second half, the boys knew that they had to sustain that high intensity with pressure to be able to play our brand of footy to switch and run with the ball, we took the game on and took risks with a lot better skill execution across the board of the team with Mitch Hughes’s reaching his sudden realisation to give the hands more often and this created a very quick and flowing game of footy where we had moments of excellence.

In the end, all 23 blokes played their roles and played as a team, which demonstrated one of our best games this season against a team that were a quality team, but highlighting that if we can play our style of footy no one will get near Old Brighton

Goals: G. Katsaras 3, L. Farrell 2, J. Collins, H. Osborne, H. Hynes, M. Burgoine, A. Tzimas, F. Campigli

Best: J. Micari, C. Hicks, M. Burt, H. Hynes, J. Collins, A. Tzimas