Round 15 Seniors Match Report

OLD BRIGHTON:    11.8.74

OLD TRINITY:        22.17.149


Playing desperately to cement their finals berth, Old Trinity hammered a lethargic Old Brighton, whose players looked a little flat, having made sure of a spot in the finals last week.  Trinity played superbly in the conditions, their foot passing precise and penetrating all day.  They ran far harder and worked incessantly to space.  We were extremely disappointing, nothing like the determined team we have seen all year.

Trinity attacked from the first bounce into the freshening breeze, and although we were able to score through Will Lewis (twice), Tom Yorgey and Levi Otto, we still trailed at the first break.  Several times, tempers flared and we lost focus, surrendering frees that coughed up goals after penalties for petulant argument with the umpires.

This disappointing lack of discipline highlighted a dismal second term in which Trinity kicked seven goals to one, wrapping up the game by half-time.  Where they ran hard and delivered the ball low and with pinpoint accuracy, we squandered it, repeatedly missing targets, unable to stay competitive.

The loss of Dylan Verney after half-time caused havoc in the backline.  Tom Larkworthy battled hard but his team-mates continually trailed their opponents to the ball, often not bothering to play anywhere near their men.  In the mid-field, Trinity dominated clearances.  We didn’t have a winner anywhere, and by the final change, we were eleven goals behind.  It was one of those days, an aberration in an otherwise wonderful season.

The final term was our best.  Eddie Tait, as honest as anyone, walked through a stoppage to goal, and Anthony Zimmerman, having suffered a heavy blow early, battled hard to snap another.  Tom Yorgey, who fought hard but is too often distracted, kicked his third, and Harry marked bravely to add some little respectability to our score.  But after enduring the Reserves’ hiding and then sitting through such a lack-lustre performance in the main game, it was a very long day indeed.  And we couldn’t blame the pickle juice.  It wasn’t a winner yesterday either!

Goals: Yorgey 3, Lewis 2, Oto 2, Tait, Karayannis, Zimmerman, Hill

Best: Yorgey, Tait, Davis, Hill, Larkworthy, Zimmerman