Round 14 U19s Match Report


OLD BRIGHTON:        13.11-89

In good conditions for footy, the unders set out to knock off their greatest rivals one last time and maintain their momentum after a recent string of victories.

Despite an early lack of attentiveness, old Brighton got away to a strong start, resulting in a 22 point lead at the first break. The early lift came from the school boys, with the chemistry of Jake Turner, Harry Reynolds and Ben Branson allowing Old Brighton to dominate clearances around the ground. The backline also stood up with Jo Micari and Hugo Butler, winning their one on ones, to keep the Rovers scoreless until the second quarter.

However, complacency crept in during the second and Old Brighton seemed to switch off. The midfielders became lazy with structure around the stoppages and the forwards weren’t working as hard to keep in front of their man. This resulted in  a few easy turnovers, upon which Rovers capitalised, putting immense pressure on the backline. A few good individual efforts from Ben Pryor and Charlie Hicks ensured the Rovers didn’t completely run away with it, but Brighton had lost the lead at half time.

In the second half, Old Brighton found their rhythm again. Cochran, Konoroth and Speirs took on the game with their run and carry, helping create play from the backline. The mids got back on top, with Burt and Burns rewarded each with a goal. The forward’s also became more dangerous as Harry Osborne provided plenty of leads and got the ball to ground for Adams and Farrel to rove. Tommy Kenny was the last link in the chain, competing beyond his size and laying some strong tackles alongside George Katz.

With the new spree of contributors, Old Brighton surged onto win by 7 goals, escaping the Rovers once again.

Goals: B. Pryor 2, B. Branson 2, J. Turner 2, T. Wallace, M. Speirs, H. Osborne, D. Adams, M. Burt, L. Farrell, T. Burns

Best: H. Reynolds, B. Pryor, B. Konoroth, C. Hicks, B. Branson, J. Micari