Round 14 Reserves Match Report

OLD BRIGHTON:    5.7.37

DE LA SALLE:          17.13.115


Our Reserves team deserved plenty of praise yesterday as the boys again competed with only eighteen players.  To sustain their efforts for four quarters against the second side was admirable.  They were within five goals late in the third quarter before they tired and the margin blew out.  Cal Macleod and Tom Gunning led strongly, Joey Dikranian played in the ruck and produced new levels of effort.  Sam Murray, Nick Freeman, Michael Riordan, Jackson Collins and Alex Nicholas all defended desperately.  Hayden Johnson offered a forward target and booted a couple, while young Geordie McPherson regularly got himself into good positions up forward. Jesse McLean used the ball well and adds a touch of class to the team.

The boys’ morale was boosted by the sudden appearance of Matt Gadsden, who arrived to help out, having heard the night before of the team’s desperate situation.  Words fail me to explain how a champion can make this effort, when three regular players decide to spend the weekend in the snow instead, and one other again fails to turn up!  In a year that has achieved so much, the lack of commitment of so many who have deserted for weeks at a time is unfathomable to me.  Hats off to you blokes who did us proud yesterday.  I don’t know how Ross persists without complaint, still smiling after such a miserable year for the reigning B Reserve premiers!

Goals: Johnson 2, G. McPherson, M. Gadsden, C. Kenny

Best: MacLeod, Gunning, Murray, Dikranian, McLean, Gadsden