Round 12 U19s Match Report

OLD BRIGHTON:    6.15-51

MAZENOD:             5.4-34

In beautiful conditions at south road oval it was 1st vs 2nd with both sides missing a few. The good thing is the BGS boys 10 in total helped fill the numbers like last week and again played a role in a very good win.

We had the gale wind first and didn’t really take advantage with our usual goal kicking woes, it can be excused this week as the conditions didn’t really help. Second quarter they had the win and we defended well to start and moved the ball well and scored against the wind which is credit to the boys listening to instructions. Then we went to sleep for 10 minutes and they capitalised and kicked straight.

We again had control in the 3rd quarter but couldn’t hit the scoreboard again missing a lot of chances before Ben Pryor got involved kicking a nice goal from distance and was really good in the second half. Then Max Burt did his usual side step to find some space and snapped a goal and we gave ourself some breathing space.

We had to defend well as they had the wind in the last and again to the teams credit we played really smart football possessing it when we could and going down the line defensively and just milking the clock. When we had the chance though they took the game on and nearly outscored them going into the wind.

Can’t be happier with the group, we have had a big 4 weeks that we knew would set up our year. Injuries and travel has meant we have lost a few of our better players but others have stepped up and credit to them all. Well done to all the BGS boys who played their first games and played big roles in the last two games too. Bring on the next 6 weeks.

Goals: M. Speirs 5, F. Campigli 2, N. Phillips, J. Le Grice , G. Katsaras, M. Hughes, M. Noske, M. Hurd, J. Collins

Best: . Turner , G. Katsaras, J. Le Grice , B. Branson, C. Hicks, M. Hughes