Round 8 Seniors Match Report

OLD BRIGHTON:    17.15.117

OLD TRINITY:     12.6.78


Old Brighton Grammarians played brilliantly at Trinity to win their Round 8 clash by 39 points at the Daley Oval.  The Tonners continued their dazzling season, opening with a six-goal first term and maintaining pressure all day on the home side, who couldn’t match the Tonners’ intensity.  Old Brighton retains third place but now has a ten-point buffer on Trinity who stay fourth.  The match was highlighted by superb performances from Harry Hill and Anthony Zimmerman who both won plenty of possessions and kicked crucial goals.  Once again, young forward Will Lewis contested hard, booted four, and provided a focus for the Tonners’ attacks.

Trinity opened the scoring with a “double” goal after one of our defenders had a brain fade, but in a hectic start, Harry ran down a defender, grabbed the ball and pumped home a long goal that started the engines.  Lewis goaled from a free and Zimmer opened his account after a strong contest from Lewis, who then added his second after being awarded a free. Fraser Gregson snapped another as the Tonners stormed into attack from half-back, where Tom Larkworthy and Tom Garner cut Trinity off at the knees.

The match became a tight, fascinating contest in the second term with both sides adding two goals each.  Trinity continually responded to their coach’s urging to “roll” and “switch”, using the vast spaces of the oval to cover plenty of ground before Dylan Verney and his band of gallant defenders invariably turned them back.  The Tonners tackled and blocked for each other and whipped the ball forward more directly, where small forwards, Jordy Matera, Nick Pavlou, Fraser Gregson and Michael Karayannis always looked likely to score.  Once again, the Tonners were well served by Levi Otto and Max Lohan, while Andy Dewar began to show glimpses of his best form.

The Tonners seized the match with a sustained third quarter, Zimmer putting the finishing touches on a wonderful effort from Will Lewis, Nick Pavlou snapping another and Harry booting a huge goal from way out in the shadows of the far flank.  The Tonner backline limited Trinity’s chances to score, even though the home side was able to stream out of defence a couple of times, looking lethal.  But they were always chased and harassed and several times turned the ball over.  Gregson and The Pocket Rocket missed sitters, but Max Lohan found Matera, who nailed his set shot with authority, enabling us to take a thirty point lead into the final break.

Old Trinity charged into the final term, and winning the centre clearances, kicked two quick goals and looked likely to mount a challenge. The Tonners needed to answer and Nick Pavlou drove home a magnificent goal from deep on the flank after several Tonners pushed it forward.  Tom Fisher, again the continuous generator, marked strongly, swung onto his left foot and found Lewis in front of his opponent.  The young man marked and goaled from a distance, effectively snuffing out the home side’s brief revival.  Karayannis, after a quiet first half, worked hard to find Matera who again steered it home before returning the favour and setting up The Rocket to crumb another, as the Tonners raced away, leaving us all breathless again at the determination they are bringing each week.

Goals: Lewis 4, Hill 3, Zimmerman 3, Matera 2, Karayannis 2, Pavlou 2, Gregson

Best: Hill, Zimmerman, Lewis, Fisher, Verney, Pavlou