Round 5 Reserves Match Report

OLD BRIGHTON:    3.5.23

UNI BLUES:  13.16.94

The Roscoes, with a stronger side on paper, earned the wrath of their coach when they “failed to produce adequate effort” in the first half, throwing away any chance of successfully contesting the match against the Blues. We were far more competitive after half – time, but it was little consolation for everyone expecting the boys to set the tone for the Seniors later in the day. A number of exceptions kept the fires burning, Ned Murray’s efforts in defence, sustained all day, the chief among them.

It was disappointing to see such poor disposal sapping the team’s attempts to move the ball, the extraordinary number of turnovers needing special attention at training this week. The Roscoes worked hard in the second half and they will need to combine more efficiently next week in search of their first win. They are much better than we saw yesterday.

Goal Kickers: Olivier, N. Freeman, Otto

Best Players: N. Murray, Olivier, Larkworthy, Cowling, Lohan, McBain