OBGFC respond to media reports about our Umpire

OBGFC would like to shed some light on a subject that has been reported in media outlets over the past two days, involving an incident between our Women’s Team umpire, Adrian Fisher, and a senior AFL official during our Women’s match vs Old Scotch on Saturday. We confirm that neither the umpire nor OBGFC has made any complaint about the incident to the VAFA or the AFL and will not be doing so. Furthermore, we wish to clarify that neither Adrian Fisher nor the OBGFC reported this matter to the media. We offer our full support to Adrian, who is an excellent umpire, during this difficult time.

This is a timely reminder to everyone, that OBGFC strongly advises that ALL spectators do not approach, critique, or abuse umpires at any matches. Umpires are an integral part of the game and we would like all umpires, OBGFC sanctioned or otherwise, to feel welcome and appreciated for the difficult role they perform every weekend.