Round 1 Reserves Match Report


OLD SCOTCH:      17.7.109


With a dozen of their Premiership team-mates choosing not to play, the Roscoes faced a daunting task and the Scotchies wasted no time asserting their authority.  By half-time, the visitors had worked to a six goal advantage.  The Roscoes battled valiantly.  Tom Larkworthy was prominent in defence and distributed the ball well, Ned Murray defended stoutly and the burly figure of Will Lewis became more comforting as the game went on.  His two goals were well taken, and he contested hard.

Although Scotch won easily, the Roscoes sustained determined efforts to go with them.  Liam Cook and Quinton Montanaro looked classy at times, and reigning B&F, Marty Ho, was in the thick of the action all day.  The Roscoes will depend on veterans Tom Gunning, Jack Cowling and Levi Otto to drive their mid-field efforts as the season challenges them.

Goal Kickers: Lewis 2, Dikranian 2, Gunning, L. Cook, Otto, C. MacLeod

Best Players: Larkworthy, N. Murray, Ho, Lewis, Montanaro, Harris