April 8, 2017 - 10:30 am


The unders commenced their 2017 season in spirited fashion, however were unable to claw back the early deficit caused by skill errors and after trailing at all breaks, they eventually succumbed to the Bloods by 19 points.

The first quarter saw the tonners kick with a handy breeze and started the game well with a fantastic goal snapped by Matty Evans in the opening minute of the game.

The Bloods, however were the ones that put early scoreboard pressure on and took advantage of some costly skill errors by the tonners on front of goal.

Wasteful field kicking by the tonners allowed the Bloods to control much of the first quarter, with repeat forward entries coming from their half backs who positioned themselves well into the breeze.

Tonners mids looked lively and Dikranian and Gregson dominated clearances early, however the forwards were lacking any sort of impact which allowed the Bloods spares to continue to take uncontested marks across half back.

The Bloods outscored tonners in the first quarter and at the first change the Tonners found themselves 2 points down.

The tonners backs found themselves under constant pressure in the first part of the 2nd quarter however were still competing well – Knighter and Frosty Ryan continued to repel the Bloods entries, before the opposition managed to kick 3 quick goals in succession.

At the other end, Hack Freeman was providing a good target up forward and was able to snap the bloods goal streak with 1 of his 3 majors.

Shortly after Hacks goal, Jacko Noske took a fantastic mark at the top of the square and reduced the gap back to 8 points, however the Bloods midfield found another gear and constantly caught the tonners mids goal side which allowed them to register 2 x more goals before the main break and take a 15 point lead into half time.

A dour third quarter saw the tonners use the ball much better with the breeze. The forwards started to hit up and restrict the impact of the bloods 2 x loose defenders, however the scoreboard pressure was missing.

It took a fast thinking Zimmerman to get GMAC into scoring range and pegged the margin back, only for the Bloods to win the next centre clearance and register a goal against the flow of play.

Al Nicholas provided good defensive support in the air, Skipper Freo was working tirelessly and Muzza was covering good ground, however the tonners were not getting any reward for their hard work and were only able to peg the margin back to 14 points at the final change.

Much of the first 15 minutes of the final quarter was spent in the Tonners forward 40. GK was dominating across half back and provided many entries to the top of the square for the Tonners Talls to get involved in the game.

The Tonners were still lacking any scoreboard pressure, and it took a captains goal deep on the boundary to close the gap to 7 points.

An easy missed chance by Gregson allowed the Bloods to go coast to coast, and soon after the margin was blown out to 25 points before Jacko Noske was able to reduce the margin late in the game.

Final Scores:

OBGFC 9.13.67 defeated by Old Haileybury 11.20.86

Goals:  N Freeman 3, J Noske 2, G McPherson 2, M Freeman 1, M Evans 1

Best:  M Freeman, N Knight, S Ryan, F Gregson, A McPherson, G McPherson