OBGFC 8.15.63 - 1.7.13 Parkdale

July 23, 2016 - 2:00 pm

It wasn’t pretty, but Old Brighton Grammarians won the Round 14 clash against Parkdale Vultures decisively, leaving the visitors stranded on a single goal, and fifty points adrift at a windswept Beach Oval yesterday. The Tonners played strongly all day, determined to support their courageous team-mate, Tom Larkworthy, who played splendidly despite his tough week. Only two goals were kicked in the second half, both in the final term, but our blokes had surged ahead in the first half and Parkdale was never in the match.

On the coldest day of the season, Dylan Verney was able to tell his boys they had first use of the freezing south-westerly but it was some time before Michael Slater was able to snap the first major of the day. The contest was keen and despite the regular stoppages, Andre Olivier skilfully soccered another as the Tonners began to assert some authority. Dan Anthony snapped a third and although Slater cleverly converted a free on the boundary, supporters were wondering whether a 30 point lead was sufficient, given the clear wind advantage.

The Tonners made it instantly clear that their appetite for the contest would eliminate the wind from the equation. Whilst nobody was able to find the goals from more than thirty metres out, we kept trying, and Tom Mariani was no doubt grateful when a defender’s lack of discipline enabled him to shoot from the square. Michael Slater’s lively work enabled Stuart Hooy to soccer another through from inside the square and the Vultures were bereft of any hope. They had no system when they went forward, and Andy Dewar, Harry Cannon and Tom Larkworthy repeatedly turned them back. The Tonners’ attack on the ball in close was led by the three Toms, Fisher, Delaney and Mariani, and Hamish Graham’s hard work in the ruck gave them every chance to keep pressure on the visitors. The Minstrel worked hard to get the ball to Harry Hill whose lovely snap sent us to the sheds with a stranglehold on the match.

The third quarter tested spectators’ patience, particularly as most of them were frozen. The ball moved slowly from stoppage to stoppage. A heavy shower had made things really tough for players who were already battling to win clean possession on a heavy ground, with a slippery ball and with an icy blast that prevented even on-ballers from feeling warm! For Tonner supporters acutely concerned to put further distance between us and The Magentas, our concentrated efforts to lock the ball in our territory and close it down in Parkdale’s, was all the entertainment we wanted. We couldn’t find a goal with the wind, but they didn’t look like scoring one at all. Our players were putting together their most persistent four quarters for the season and their efforts were outstanding.

Nothing much changed in the final term. It was a battle of attrition. Hamish and Kingy worked hard at the continual stoppages, Tom Fisher still pounded away at the same rate, Harry skirted and found targets, Michael Dewar’s experience directed contests that wrestled the ball away from opponents, and although Big Harry had left the ground, our defenders were always in front and combined well to defend their territory. Tom Redmond finally kicked his side’s first goal, and after scrambling a few more points, the Tonners completed their fourth successive win and moved to sixth spot, when Andre Olivier calmly booted our only goal of the second half from in close. The boys did themselves proud and everyone is now bursting for the next contest as the Tonners continue their resurgence.

OLD BRIGHTON GRAMMARIANS: 4.6 7.8 7.12 8.15.63
PARKDALE VULTURES: 0.0 0.3 0.3 1.7.13
Goals: Slater 2, Olivier 2, Hill, Mariani, Hooy, Anthony
Best: Fisher, A. Dewar, Mariani, Hill, Graham, Jakobi, M. Dewar, Larkworthy, Fogarty.



The Roscoes were blown away by the freezing sou-wester and the Vultures’ first quarter eight goal blitz that challenged our boys to stand up and wipe away their humiliating start. They managed to do that with a more spirited second quarter but they were unable to stave off the visitors in the second half and were soundly beaten.

Will Bardoel played a lone hand and took up the challenge but he received precious little support from his team-mates. Matt Fogarty kicked a couple of goals, Tom Fisher always has a crack and Zack Alcott defended well at times. The Roscoes really need to work together to re-establish some pride in their performance.

ROSCOES: 0.0 5.0 5.0 6.1.37
VULTURES: 8.2 9.2 12.7 15.8.98
Goals: Bardoel 2, Fogarty 2, Campbell, Rutter.
Best: Bardoel, Pascoe, Fisher, Alcott, Fogarty.



The Tonners Under 19’s lost their round 14 Match Against top of the Table Williamstown by 9 Point at South Road Oval.

The tonners led at every break before the opposition were able to use the wind at their leisure in the final quarter and recorded a come from behind victory which put a severe dent in the Tonners Finals Aspirations.

Throughout the match the Tonners had control of the contest, and in trying conditions continued to play smarter football than the opposition.

With the aid of a 2-3 goal breeze in the first quarter, the tonners failed to capitalise on the early momentum and registered points from their first 2 shots on goal. At the other end, Williamstown worked hard into the breeze and found themselves 2 up before the tonners were able to peg the difference back at the end of the quarter with the scores level at the first change.

The Tonners increased their pressure around the stoppages in the second quarter and were able to capitalise on the individual efforts around the contest provided by Auty, McIntyre & Balleggi.

Garner, continued to read the play well at Half Back and rebounded many Inside 40 entries from the opposition. Avis, who has been in good form over the past few weeks was also able to contribute to the Tonners dominance that saw the Unders outscore the Squinters against the breeze. Dirkrainan, who has been in excellent form up forward, was able to register his third goal in the middle stages of the first half and the tonners, in keeping Williamstown goalless in the second quarter, had an 8 point lead at the main change.

The scoreline continued to remain stagnant for much of the 3rd term with both defensive units having the better of their forward opponents. Some indiscipline allowed the opposition to register a goal into the breeze, however the tonners continued to surge forward repeatedly and put the willy defence under pressure. The small forwards did an outstanding job in keeping the footy locked in the forward line, and it was Duchini who was rewarded after the oppositions rushed behind was deemed to be deliberate. The tonners holding an 11 point lead at the final change.

The tonners started to tire in the final quarter as a result of only having 1 rotation throughout the match to the Williamstowns 6 – this started to impact the contest particularly the onballers who worked hard in transition throughout the course of the game.

As Auty, Mcleod & Co. started to tire, the likes of Vulcan, Evans & Riordan were not able to reduce the scoreboard impact the Williamstown attack was having. 2 goals in succession saw the visitors take the lead for the first time since the 10 minute mark of the first quarter. From then on, the opposition did not look back, and were able to change their 11 point deficit to a 9 point victory.

OBGFC 4.5 29 defeated by Williamstown CYMS 5.8.38
Goals: Dirkrainan 3, Duchini 1
Best: Garner, McIntyre, Avis, Dirkrainan, Vulcan, Riordan