Message from Club President Shane Young

March 14, 2017

Over the past two years OBGFC has worked closely with council to identify the logistical challenges associated with the pavilion redevelopment. The number of girls and women taking up the football from junior to senior levels has further increased those challenges. No one could have predicted the sheer volume of female participants in the sport one year ago.  

This is an exciting time for our club and presents us with an opportunity to make a lasting impact on all our players and supporters at all levels.

We are confident that the challenges we faced in the past are behind us and we look forward to achieving a positive outcome for us and the other clubs we share our ground and facilities with.

 OBGFC and our co-tenants are committed in ensuring that the final plans and investment by the council and community meet current needs as well as allowing for growth in the future. 

**Click here to read a Herald Sun article regarding the increase in female footy players at Brighton and the required upgrade to the pavilion.

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